Single Color Rubber Sole Mold


The one-color rubber sole mold is used for the production of one-color soles and rubber sole accessories. Because the rubber sole is wear resistant and economical, this mold is used populantly to make sports soles and boots. It can work at a temperature of 400ºC without deforming thanks to the fact that it is made of aluminum alloy and iron. During the production of the sole, the rubber is cast in the molds and shaped.


1. The one-color rubber sole mold is available to work with the automatic rubber shoe injection molding machine.

2. Thanks to the rotation of the worktable, the injection is done with great precision.

3. It can work properly even in bad working conditions.

4. The mold opening is at high speed and has working stability.

5. Operating with the one-color rubber sole mold is flexible.

6. An environmentally friendly design is used.

7. The design and production of single-color rubber sole molds are in a database and in a precise control system, which makes the molds work properly.


(1) We use the best aluminum alloy from a famous manufacture in Guangdong Province as a mold making material, which gives our molds high quality.

(2) With technological experience in the last decade, we produce a series of molds for rubber soles of a high quality color, which are widely praised by our national and international clients. In addition, we have a professional development and research team to optimize our one-color rubber sole mold.

(3) The molds undergo rigorous quality inspections. More than four tests are performed with the test machine.

(4) We offer a refined after-sales service worldwide. Services range from repair to technical inquiries.

(5) The price of the mold is lower than that of the molds of other manufactures, which represents our desire to expand our market.


Parameters of one color rubber sole mold

Color One Color 
Product Soles
Material Aluminum Alloy
Mold Style One pair per mold
Mold size L (350-450) × A (180-280) × A (100-275) mm
Mold weight 35-80 kg
Packaged Cardboard / Box
Process CNC / Fused
Production temperature 175 ℃ -220 ℃
Delivery time 20 days after confirmation of wood molds
Life span > 5 years


(1) Regular maintenance.

(2) Objects are not allowed in the molds.


(1) Delivered by sea.

(2) Payment method by L / C or T / T.

The one-color rubber sole mold has passed a series of strict quality inspections before being put up for sale, for example, it is required that it not be deformed at a temperature of 400 ° C. In addition, the molds have a high quality that ensures their efficiency when they work at high temperature in the shoe injection molding machine.

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