Single Color EVA Shoes Mold


The EVA material is injected into the EVA foam mold and to produce parts of shoes through heating at high temperatures. The single color EVA shoe mold specializes in the production of single color EVA shoes and shoe soles.



(1) The single color EVA shoe mold can be used to produce sports soles, skate shoes, climbing boots, etc. Customized single-color EVA shoe molds are also offered.

(2) Accessories for soles can be produced with the sole mold.

(3) The shoe mold can produce a foamed shoes.


(1) EVA single color shoes can be produced with the EVA single color shoe mold.

(2) It is manufactured with a durable aluminum alloy as raw material.

(3) It is designed to be waterproof and non-slip.

(4) Advanced technology allows high efficiency.

(5) Precise CNC and 3D designs are offered.

(6) All procedures will satisfy customers

(7) Foaming is used in EVA double color shoe molds.


1. The molds of shoes of a single color of EVA are produced under strict quality controls. For example, the hardness is checked with the HR80 standard. The molds will not deform even at 400 ° C. The molds go through 4 tests before being put on the market.

2. The EVA double color shoe molds are high quality because they are made of aluminum alloy from a famous brand from Guangdong Province.

3. The more than 10 years of experience of our company help in the quality and service of our products. We have a professional development and research team and our EVA double color shoe models are praised by our national and international clients.

4. We have an outstanding after-sales service. Our service centers are established all over the world to offer repair, consultation and maintenance services. Due to the expansion of the current market, our EVA double color shoe molds are cheaper than most factories in China

Parameters of EVA Single color shoe molds

Color Single Color
Product Shoes (sports shoes, sandals …) / shoe soles
Material Aluminum Alloy
Mold style 1 pair per Mold
Mold size L (405-600) × W (240-580) × W (110-255) mm
Weight 30-250 kg
Packaging Pressed Wood
Process CNC / Fused
Production Temperature 175 ℃ -210 ℃
Shoe stretcher Free
Delivery time 25 days after confirmation of wood molds
Life span > 5 years

Important when buying the EVA single color shoes mold

(1) Scope of use of EVA single color shoe mold

(2) Hours of work

(3) Mold size


(1) Delivery by ship

(2) Payment method L / C or T / T

Jili is established in the famous Shoe City in China, Jinjiang, in Fujian Province. We specialize in production machines for shoes, sandals and sports materials such as EVA, TPR and rubber.

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