PVC Sole Mold


The PVC sole mold is mainly specialized in the production of PVC shoe soles through a single foam. The air is introduced into the soles, which makes the shoes with foam soles more comfortable than normal. In addition, the PVC sole mold is available to produce PVC sole accessories. It works as auxiliary equipment for the shoe manufacturing machine. Once fixed to the work table, the PVC sole injection mold can be injected with material with the rotation of the work table, which makes the process easier.



(1) The mold opening is fast and stable.

(2) The PVC sole mold is anti-moisture.

(3) The operation is flexible.

(4) Its design is environmentally friendly.

(5) It has a high quality aluminum alloy.

(6) More than 4 strict tests are implemented.


(1) Inspections of PVC sole molds comply with strict standards. The deformation of the mold is not contemplated even when heated to 400 ° C.

(2) Aluminum alloy comes from a known brand to produce the molds, which ensures high quality.

(3) We have accumulated enough experience in the manufacture of shoe sole molds in the last decade. Our professional development and research team leads us towards high quality. Our PVC sole molds are highly praised both outside and inside the country.

(4) An outstanding after-sales service is offered with repairs, maintenance and consultations.

(5) To expand our market, the price of PVC sole molds is lower than that of other manufactures.


Color Single color
Products Sandals ,Soles
Material Aluminum Alloy
Mold Style One pair per mold
Mold Size L (350-450) × W (180-280) × W (100-275) mm
Mold Weight 35-80 kg
Packaging Cardboard Box
Process CNC / Fused
Production Temperature 175 ℃ -220 ℃
Delivery time 20 days after confirmation of the wooden mold
Life span > 5 years


(1) Regular maintenance

(2) Injection position

(3) No objects in the PVC sole molds.


(1) Delivery by sea.

(2) Payment methods: L / C or T / T

Jili PVC sole molds are widely sold worldwide, including Bengal, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistani, Russia, Brazil and Central Asian countries. By virtue of its high quality, our products have gained national and international reputation.