PVC Sandal Mold


The PVC sandal mold is used to produce single-foamed sandals. It can be used with all types of thermoplastic materials. The sandals made by this mold are more comfortable than the common ones because they have foam bubbles inside. They are more durable because their main material is an aluminum alloy. In addition, the rotation of the worktable makes the injection of the sandal more comfortable.


(1) Fast and stable mold opening.

(2) Moisture resistant.

(3) Flexible operation for the mold for PVC sandal.

(4) Respectful with the environment.

(5) High quality aluminum as the main material.

(6) Tested more than four times in quality controls.


(1) A series of tests are performed to check the quality of the mold for PVC sandals, including high temperature resistance. The molds are required not to deform at 400 ° C.

(2) Aluminum alloy comes from a well-known brand that makes our mold wear resistant.

(3) We have a research and development team with more than ten years of experience, which gives our products high quality and makes them popular with our customers.

(4) An outstanding after-sales service that includes repair, maintenance and technical consultation is included.

(5) Today, our goal is to expand our Market. Therefore, you can buy our PVC sandal molds of the same quality as other manufactures but at a lower price.


Products Sandals ,Soles
Material Aluminum Alloy
Mold Style One pair per mold
Mold Size L (350-450) × W (180-280) × W (100-275) mm
Mold Weight 35-80 kg
Packaging Cardboard Box
Process CNC / Fused
Production Temperature 175 ℃ -220 ℃
Delivery time 20 days after confirmation of the wooden mold
Life span > 5 years


(1) Regular maintenance

(2) Injection position

(3) No objects in the PVC sole molds.


(1) Delivery by sea.

(2) Payment methods: L / C or T / T

Jili PVC sandal molds are widely sold worldwide. Apart from customers in China, we have established business relationships with foreign clients from Bengal, Indonesia, Pakistan, Russia, Brazil and Central Asia. Our products have earned a good reputation among them.

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